A Zen state of mind is the simple stillness of mind & body, experiencing “Being”. Remember we are not human-doing we are human-beings.

Zen level can take some time to achieve so do not despair and practice daily to achieve significant results in a matter of weeks.

Find a place where you may sit or lie comfortably without falling asleep. That is why sitting in lotus position or half lotus is practiced.

If you take this practice seriously your life will change dramatically for the better.

Instructions for Zen Meditation Technique

  1. Get comfortable, and take a deep breath, exhale slowly and completely.
  2. Begin to breathe naturally
  3. Gaze at your left hand; if thoughts come to mind, push them aside. Just look, without thinking at your hand.
  4. Become aware of the left side of your body, just sense that side of your body. Allow yourself only to feel it.
  5. Now, you will begin to take deep breaths counting each inhalations and each exhalation.
  6. Inhale deepy…1.
  7. Exhale completely…2.
  8. Inhale deeply…3.
  9. Exhale completely…4.
  10. Continue deep breathing to the count of 10.
  11. Now, begin to breathe normally and evenly, and continue counting for the allotted time you have set aside for meditation. If you lose count, start over. If thoughts try to intrude on your mind again, bring your focus to your breath and your count.
  12. Bring your awareness to your surroundings and stretch.

This session is complete.


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