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Join Me for a Spiritual Quantum Leap

Join me for one focused day with me. One on one. Where you shall experience amazing transformation on many levels and layers of your being. The V.I.P. day concept is that you can come from near or far and spend a full day with me, receiving multiple sessions to address all issues in your life.

This is an expansion from the QHHT session, as we dive further into your source energy and receive additional healing, answers, guidance, and clearing that you might need.

What is included in the Spiritual Quantum Leap:

  • 1 full Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique session (Dolores Cannon work).
  • Lunch break on me at a restaurant of your pick, where we can continue and discuss further spiritual concepts that are affecting your life and how we can clear them.
  • An additional Soul Session to continue the work, clarify things further, and receive additional energy healing, answers, and Healing from ascended masters and cosmic beings that work with me. We will address whatever you need most. More information here.

You will be blissed out, and do the work of an entire year of spiritual, physical, emotional and mental healing and transcendence in ONE DAY. Prepare to be transformed!

spiritual quantum leap harry kroner

What will be Covered:

  • Physical healing of ailments, disease in the body.
  • Heal & explore past lives and karma
  • Connect with your guides, ascended masters, or angels.
  • Healing negative patterns in your life: Relationships, career, life purpose, financial, wellness etc.
  • Connect with your own higher self and source energy
  • Receive guidance, wisdom, and direction on your path
  • Understand the greater perspective of your soul over this life and all other lives you have had.
  • Understand your purpose in this life.
  • Receive emotional, and mental healing.
  • Receive spiritual healing and clearing
  • Receive downloads that unfold with time.
  • Gain peace and understanding of yourself and the world.

Make it a fun weekend experience and enjoy Prescott, the beautiful mountains of Arizona. It is located only an hour and a bit from the red rocks of Sedona.

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Harry Kroner is a catalyst of spiritual awakening. He offers programs in Deep Emotional Healing and Freedom from Anxiety, as well as Past Life Regression therapy, Spiritual Hypnotherapy and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Sessions. Choose from one or many of these services, or join Harry for a VIP Day to experience your own Spiritual Quantum Leap.

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