There is no time like the moment. In fact, there is no time other than the moment.

Being in a vibrant state of being is essential to positive movement towards your mission and purpose. Fear, anxiety and anger are great propellants of action however the purest and most enduring is that of knowing you are doing your mission and purpose. The awareness of it, and then maintaining a positive state of being around it, helps creates a perfect receipt for creation and the inner ability to move forward. Most humans are very good about it, in fact moving from being to doing is a specialty of al most all souls that have come to earth. It is almost a pre-requisite because this is a doing/action taking world, especially as a human.

So, what drives you?

What is your mission?

What are you missing right now to be in an excited state of action?

It is important to look at these three and go inwards and learn what is hindering you. There are many layers to it, entire lifetime and lifetimes of traumas, failures, misgivings, hurt, and disappointments that can lead to hinderance. This is why shadow work is so important, because ignoring and trying to do your work despite it can only take you thus far. It doesn’t have to be very sad or painful work, use your curiosity as a neutral exploratory approach to all that you are. Be curious in learning more about yourself not as a burden to see what is wrong with you.

But first start with a vibrant state of being.

Be well and thrive!

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