spiritual hypnotherapySpiritual Hypnotherapy

The purpose of spiritual hypnotherapy is to receive higher guidance, direction on your true path, deep energy healing, and clearing of all that you do not need on all levels of your being. Let me explain further.

You are a remarkable being. Yet at this moment you are only aware of the smallest part of the self. We all know that there is more to us than just our brain and body – the greater part of our being is our soul, higher self, spirit, higher consciousness.

Our connection to higher levels begins and ends inside. We are ALL able to connect to higher levels/dimensions of our own being. Some call it super-conscious, higher self, fifth dimensional you, and more.

How is spiritual hypnotherapy done?

When you open your mind to a deep meditative/hypnotic state you are OPEN to receive and communicate. And that is exactly what I do with my clients. I simply help them reach a higher state of clarity and openness where they can perceive knowing from higher levels of your own consciousness. We are talking about going to the fifth dimension and higher.

Spiritual hypnotherapy feels and looks as if you are making it with your imagination and you are absolutely wrong. You are correct about the fact that it still filters through our major sensory perception translator – our brain, so we can understand it, and make sense of the experience.

This is refined subtle work, but you can receive much knowledge, wisdom, guidance, support, comfort, and healing from all the wonderful entities that exist in higher levels and care for you and I, immensely.

Testimonial from someone who has done spiritual hypnotherapy with me:

“The first words out of my mouth after a Past Life Regression and a Life between Life hypnotherapy session with Harry, was WOW, how amazing!

It was incredible, just like being there, much more vivid then my meditation experiences. All my senses were involved, sight, sound, smell and touch. The sessions were truly miraculous, helping me to trust myself and my purpose in life. My ability to meditate was also effected in a positive way. I can relax and recreate, in detail, any of the scenes I experienced or close my eyes, replay Harry’s words in my mind and reach a deeper state of meditation quickly.

I would recommend a session with Harry to anyone who wants to explore or work on any part of their life. It is truly an Amazing, Awakening journey!.”

— J. S.

Who are we dealing with?

Source Energy/ Higher-Self

This is the real you on the highest level, at some point you can reach the level which know all there is to know about you past-present-future and why everything is in your life. there are many levels and layers to our greater self and eventually we all connect to All-that-Is, source, the creator, it is all greater and greater levels or ourselves. this level provide deep healing on all levels physical ailments, emotional, mental, and spiritual resolution.

Arch Angels

These are Highly evolved beings of high level that are here to assist humanity/ individuals raise your vibration and experience so we, as a whole would evolve and progress to our next level. there are several arc-angels and you can read more about them and their role in your personal life can be revealed in a session. They are wonderful in their ability to protect and and bring deep healing.

Angels/ guardian angels

You can call upon these beings to assist you in almost anything, and they are here to help you in many different ways, everyone of them with their specialty.

Spirit Guides

These are spirits that you know from other lives or part of your soul group that are here to assist you in accomplishing the goals and lessons you came here (earth) to achieve. they are your personal team, and they had incarnated before on this earth, so they know how hard it is and how easy it is to get distracted.


Family members that past away and are still here with you on the spiritual level. supporting you in many ways, reminding you that you are never alone.

Ascended Masters

There are many ascended masters and these may be in your field already and they might be relevant to your career (masters in the field) or to your purpose in life. You may call upon them to work with you on achieving your goals and teach you further in your field of interest.

Cosmic beings

More and more lately I have been helped during my session with cosmic being that are here to help us heal and raise our vibration to assist in the evolution of humanity and of earth to the next level of ascension.

this is just a general overview, there is so much more to know, understand, and experience. You will be shown or told different and interesting things that are in your highest good and will help guide you on the path you have truly chosen.

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Harry Kroner is a catalyst of spiritual awakening. He offers programs in Deep Emotional Healing and Freedom from Anxiety, as well as Past Life Regression therapy, Spiritual Hypnotherapy and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Sessions. Choose from one or many of these services, or join Harry for a VIP Day to experience your own Spiritual Quantum Leap.

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