A Story of Soul, Healing Infertility.

Alice arrived at my office devastated by the news her doctors gave her. Although she is in her mid-thirties she is experiencing post-menopausal symptoms and basically her ovaries have shut down completely and resembled that of an elderly woman, with no turning back. She will not be able to have any children! this news destroyed her, she was a professional woman who chose not have children yet, and now the news that she will not be able to have any, shattered her to the core.

I knew we needed to get to work on understanding the spiritual cause for this, she was otherwise a  healthy woman. Alice was very open to spiritual work and that freed me to go to her highest levels.

There was much work to do, and we spent several sessions releasing the negative emotions surrounding the devastating news her doctors gave her. We explored past lives and discovered that she had a baby in one of her early incarnations and she had lost her baby in that life, the grief was palpable to me as the tears rolled down her face as she experienced it. More unraveled, and she was conveying to me that none of her following lives had any children in them because of this terrible trauma in that early life and the life plans have been shifted because of it.

Much was released, and with my help, she let go of all the trauma from that first life and through conversing with her guides, she understood that she still has a choice whether she would like to have children or not in this lifetime.

This gave her much to think about, as she was not completely clear whether she did want children or not. We decided to go even deeper and employ the Quantum Healing Hypnosis method, I knew this method will connect us directly to her soul and heal anything in the body that needed healing, if this was truly in her destiny and free will choice.

The session was amazing and we cleared other deep issues that she was dealing with, we asked for complete healing of the ovaries and her reproductive system so they may resume their normal functioning as well as other health and emotional areas we were healing. During the experience Alice was mentioning how she can feel much light and healing happening in this area of her body. We received deep revelations about her life’s blueprint and purpose in this session. A lot of explanation of the spiritual reasons behind certain events in her lifetime and other lives.

The results came through at her next test. The doctors were amazed, they could not explain it, but the ovaries resumed complete functioning. The hormone levels that were very low, have increase back to normal range. I was thrilled, another happy ending and great healing of body, mind and soul. But we were not done. Much doubt, fear, lack of belief, and indecisiveness brought the issue back, and by her next routine checkup, the problem returned.

At this point, I knew and so did Alice, that she is causing this to her self on the deepest levels, just as most of us cause our physical ailments to ourselves for some reason or another- we all do!

We went back to work, and this time I was going global, and I was releasing all blocks and fears from her sub-conscious, and asking from her guides and higher self to clear all remaining blocks and fears from the soul level. I took the time in releasing ALL karmic issues revolving this subject from all past and future lifetimes, allowing her to experience motherhood if she so wishes.

Alice experienced a circle of people around her, with much healing light and energy flowing through her, and they were writing down in their notebooks, as if correcting things in her blueprint and re-writing history and her future.

These were good sessions, she was allowing great work on herself from all levels of her being. Now, it was about believing and allowing, we worked on that as well, Internalizing and integrating our work into her psyche.

3 months have gone by and I get an email from Alice that starts with “WOW, you wouldn’t believe this, but I’m pregnant!” I was so excited. She calculated and realized that her partner and her conceived only days after our last session. she wanted to meet again in order to give the whole pregnancy and child a shield of white light protection. During the session in the altered state, she saw her guides and other helpers spinning around her creating layers of light. We also spoke to the soul of the unborn child along with her guides to see what else can be done to make sure this pregnancy will be a success, and making sure it will be done. At the end of the session, she told me that her fertility doctor is one of the most famous doctors in the field in Boston, and that in his forty years of practicing, he had seen only a handful of cases that this “Spontaneous healing” occurred.

It wasn’t a big surprise to me. I know the powers of healing we all hold within ourselves, can heal practically anything. We just need to know how to tap into them, understand their deeper spiritual purpose, gain wisdom, wider perspective, then release and heal our body, mind, and soul. Gaining the freedom to become all that we truly are. Experience this lifetime’s journey and grow.


Harry Kroner is a catalyst of spiritual awakening. He offers programs in Deep Emotional Healing and Freedom from Anxiety, as well as Past Life Regression therapy, Spiritual Hypnotherapy and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Sessions. Choose from one or many of these services, or join Harry for a VIP Day to experience your own Spiritual Quantum Leap.

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