It is true that people place too great of a significance to numerical dates of value, such as repeating numbers etc. it is generally arbitrary as those dates are manmade and change from culture to culture. What is more globally significant are days like this one which is the summer solstice and winter solstice for the southern hemisphere. It is a date of extreme longest day and shortest day. It is the day in which the tilt of the earth is at its greatest and causes the seasons, atmospheric changes, weather changes, etc. The tilt gave earth its seasons, otherwise it would have been a very different place. Every place now gets a reprieve from its extremes. Colder regions get warm spells, hot regions get cooler spells, drier places get rainy spells, all in the balancing act of giving each region a chance to thrive and create its own unique expression of all that is. So, in short, it is the celebration of the tilt that gave this earth its habitable climate and environments that all life thrives on. It would have been harder to thrive in a world without tilt. The variation it creates gives life a chance to move about and thrive. So do celebrate and commemorate the solstices and equinoxes as they are monumental to life on earth, and it is a unifying experience to all beings upon this earth.

Council of Masters through Harry Kroner

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