The Change


Top Co-Authors Share Their Secrets for Unleashing Enormous Personal Change!

I am proud to have co-authored this book with an amazing group of people, I wrote about two profound stories of deep healing. I hope you enjoy it.

The Change explores powerful, thought-provoking insights from twenty inspiring co-authors. Prepare to be taken on a journey of self-discovery and personal change that will touch every area of your life! Having a variety of perspectives is the key to understanding ourselves and the greatness that resides within. This book will reawaken you and inspire you toward personal transformation! Learn to weather the changes in life and you will prosper! Chances are this book contains EXACTLY what you need to take your life to the next level.



Welcome to The Change book series and global movement!

“I’m buying my 10 today!” -Berny Dohrmann, Chairman, CEO Space International

Featuring exclusive content from these top co-authors:

  • Jim BrittHow to Win the Competition Against the Clock
  • Jim LutesIt’s Not Where You Are, It’s Where You’re Going
  • Amanda C. WattsAwaken Your Magic
  • Andy CraigRestoration
  • Barbara SwansonThe Change Path
  • Brian Aubrey HaaseWhat’s Causing “NOW” in Your Life?
  • Carol Look, LCSW, EFT MasterFind Your Next Yes
  • Eden AdeleAre You Doing What You Know Or Do You Know What You’re Doing?
  • Christa BonnetEmpower Yourself On The Journey of Collaboration From ‘Me’ To ‘We’
  • Nina BoskiRock On With Your Wonderful Bad-Ass Self
  • George IsheeA Penny for Your Thoughts
  • Jennifer S. WilkovBooks: A Life-Changing Experience for Reader & Writer Alike
  • Harry KronerDeep Healing
  • Julie Anne Christoph, CPC, ELI-MPConscious change for a happy life
  • Kurt A. DavidMy CHANGE
  • Marilynn Hughes & Dr. Rudy SchildThe Science for Moral Law
  • Mark SkovronThe Free Agent Revolution
  • Michael E. SchmidlenTHE Underwear Entrepreneur Asks You: “Who do YOU Listen to???”
  • Naomi DouglasFacing Divorce and Other Crises: how to allow life to transform you
  • Reverend Susan (Sue) HenleyJust Breathe
  • Sandi MitchellStrengthening Your Inner Genius
  • Sonja-SophieFood for Thought – Creating a Powerful Mindset
  • Glenda Fleming-ThomasContemplating Change


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