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Past life regression is a fascinating field that pulled my attention like a black hole over 18 years ago and brought me to learn hypnosis, for the purpose of experiencing my past lives. it expanded my understanding of the world exponentially and it is my pleasure to bring it to you.

We all had past lives, and most of us had dozens or hundreds of them, so don’t get so caught up in the fantasies of “What was I”, because we all were male/female, rich/poor, powerful/powerless, joyful/miserable.  The question remaining is how have these lives influenced my choices and feelings in THIS LIFE.

“Past Lives are an integral part of your greater consciousness, whether you are aware of it or not.”

-Harry Kroner, Past Life Regression Therapist

The purpose of Past Life Regression Therapy is to heal any unresolved issues from the past that are hindering your current life in some way. There are many ways they might influence it such as, a traumatic death, repeating and unresolved relationships and themes with certain people, certain fears or tendencies you have brought with you, etc.

Moving forward in life is another reason to explore past life regression. You might get the inspiration you needed to become all that you are in this life by realizing that you have done something similar in the past and you had the power back then and you can draw upon in NOW. For example, many healers that are now struggling to move their life currently in this direction realize that they were healers in so many of their previous lifetimes, and it is their spiritual theme to explore yet again. This realization is usually quite empowering and encouraging.

Enriching your life with the wisdom of your higher self is a wonderful gift. While exploring the past you will get remarkable insight into your life and greater understanding of your own special journey and character. it puts the mundane world back into perspective and allowing yourself to be more forgiving and loving to yourself and the world.

How does Past Life Regression work?

Past life regression is surprisingly easy, and most people think they just made the whole thing up. The best way I can explain it is like this:

Past lives are basically memories of other lives that your soul is holding in its consciousness. Same as we retrieve and tap into our own memories from this life, we can do so for memories of previous lives. It’s works similarly in the way that our computer and internet work today. Our computer can retrieve only what is in it while not connected to the internet. When it is connected it can reach a lot more information and data, although it looks on the screen quite the same and feels as if it is all coming out of the computer itself. And it is true that it all has to process through the computer (your brain) in order to bring you the images and sounds that enable us to understand it. So in short even past lives need to go THROUGH our brain in order for us to interpret it as sounds, images, and concepts, however the source is quite different.

So how do you know if it is real or not?

Past life regression comes with something a lot more powerful and subjective that is vastly different than watching a movie in your head and that is EMOTIONS. in the same way that our memories are infused with the emotion we felt at that moment so do the memories of previous lifetimes. and don’t worry, you do not have to experience strong emotions if you do not wish to while exploring past lives, there are many safeguards to protect you, and it is essential you pick a past life regression therapist that is very experienced in this field before choosing one. I have helped people experience this safely hundreds of times, with remarkable results and insights.

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Let me try and answer some of the most common questions I get about Past life regression:

Q:  Will I experience something terrible and bring terrible memories that will shock me?

A: In short NO! while helping hundreds of people to experience their past lives I have used many safeguards that will help you experience those life safely. You always have the option to experience them from the position of an observer just viewing the scenes and not experiencing the full emotional load. it’s really safe and usually liberating of fears and misconception.

Q: Will I ever get stuck in that life or in another state?

A: Do you ever gets stuck in sleep? NO. your body and mind are not experiencing anything that is foreign to them, it’s foreign to your conscious mind, but your subconscious goes there every night and you are well and rested.

Q: What if I find out that I was  terrible person?

A: It wasn’t really you. It is another life another personality and circumstances your spirit chose to experience. we all took many roles in a large amount of lifetimes exploring lives themes and experiences from all sides, don’t judge.

Q: What if I don’t experience anything?

A: you might drift into such a peaceful state that you will ignore my voice and just be at pure peace  and joy. Oh Well, there are two other opportunities to experience other lives in this workshop, and does being in pure peace that bad anyway?

Q: How do I know it’s real and that I am not just making it up in my mind?

A: that is one of the best questions I get. the best I can describe it is the way you would explain someone the internet on the computer: Even though it looks like it is coming form the computer or smartphone, the information is coming from another place, that in order fro you to understand it, needs to go through your computer (brain) so you could see, hear, smell, know, feel the experience. Do you really think all the insight and intuition in your life comes from the chemical processes in the brain? and believe me most of the lives that come up, are more personal than you think, you can sense what you felt and thought in that life at that moment, it’s not exactly like watching a movie, it’s more intimate.

Q: How do I know if I can do this?

A: Everyone of proper brain function and openness can experience this. I have helped hundreds of clients and less than 1% did not experience it, mostly because of much internal resistance and refusal to let go of regular wakeful state (and control). But since then, I got a lot better at this 🙂

Q: What’s the purpose?

A: I find past lives exceptionally enriching. You may grasp deeper themes in your current life, let go of fears, or other blocks. Giving you much greater perspective. We will also release all negative effects of those life, and allow you a beautiful glimpse into your soul. Gaining amazing insight into issues you have been dealing with.

Q: What next?

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