We are gathered in clarity and solemnness as we know the stresses that humanity is now facing. It is the birthing of a new consciousness within humanity and it have always been brought about following a tension that pulls and pushes people to an uncomfortable space. This process of creating a strong enough tension to create a want for change and forward movement has always caused great fracture before it moved things forward. It is like tectonic plate movement; it involves much tension that causes a fracture and then movement in rapid way and then a rest period that allows adjusting to the new situations. Yes, it might bring some destruction but mostly it brings new opportunity and a chance to build something new. At this point in human evolution it must bring a new energy into consciousness evolution. Humanity cannot proceed while holding on to past notions and lower levels of consciousness such as inequalities of race, and gender, and maltreatment of others as justified societal structure. It still lingered too long in the minds of the many and it is time to put greater emphasis on the releasing of such notions from society.

Do not fret from the current tension as it will bring the birth of an even more refined society that will bring a hundred years of peace and progression. Oneness is an expression of love. Understanding that oneness is the truth and not divisiveness and separation will resonate more clearly as the path forward. Remain peaceful within and know that things are bound to become better very quickly, on our scale of human history and evolution. Help others focus not on divisiveness but on oneness.

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