Love is the Resistance

Choosing our thoughts and actions in a way that is responsive yet authentic to recent event and reactivity of others.

We are all feeling somewhat distraught by recent political events that are unfolding and their deeper and longer range ramifications that we know will take place for years to come. I have held off on responding to it in spite of the anxiety, anger, frustration, and concern I have seen around me.

So How do we react?

First of all, if you are feeling true and deep anxiousness and concern I can help you clear it in one session. There is no need for you to suffer any longer. You do not need to feel the pain just because something is happening and you feel the need to do something about it. Causing self-harm is definitely the wrong way of dealing with anything. Same as you would not want your children or pets to hurt themselves just because something bad happened to them. The feeling of inability to do something about it is challenging but needs to be channeled to more positive avenues.

It is time to take action. Those of you who know me personally know that I have a very eventful life dealing with war, hate, and animosity almost since my birth. I know the effect of fascism and xenophobia first hand. So How do I remain calm when I can see all the obvious effect of this reactionary, emotionally juvenile choice that so many of my countryman have done? It is a deeper knowing that I will not be silent or complacent when I witness and see injustice, hatred, or xenophobia in front of me. It is the knowing that no matter how far it goes I will not be allowing it to take place without protest. Letting the voice of reason and humanity rise above that of the other.

We are to show ourselves as a nation and as individuals that we see humanity as one and not as separate. That we really have only one home at the moment and that is earth, and we should make sure it is clean and habitable of a long time. Knowing deep in my heart that I will show love to all in need. In fact, we are here to show love in all its manifestations. To supports the rights of individuals and not impose my opinion on others. To protect my daughter’s rights over her private parts. To protect my wife right for equal pay. To protect my neighbor’s right to not have a cross burning in their yards or be yelled slurs at the grocery store.

We are the warriors of light against the darkness that is still harbored in many people’s hearts. We are to resist these moves in greater show of resistance to laws, and actions that oppose people innate rights as humans.

It is also easy to fall into the angry resistance pattern and I could easily revert back to my soldier years and buy a machine gun to protect others from injustice, but that is not me anymore. I am a clearer conduit to the power of truth and love. Find it in your heart the courage to stand for what you believe with conviction, without fear. Knowing that the light that shines in your heart will not quiver or dim because of that, but will shine even brighter. We are the majority. Light will win over darkness. There is a sense of clarity when you approach what are experiencing now in a cyclical manner.

On the greater scale of the evolution of humanity, we are now shown that humanity still did not really finish understanding hatred, racism, anti-Semitism, sexism, seeing others as less, and the wish to force your own beliefs norms on others. We thought those have been reduced to smaller and smaller segment of the population holding this older belief system, however we are shown that it is still there, still rooted in people and it is out role to clear it once and for all from the books of human history.

We cannot progress to higher dimensional living while these are still harbored within us or within our neighbors. Humanity must reach a fuller understanding on this phenomenon that is rooted in the single most important element of the sense of separation. Tribal separation mostly, but those that still hold these beliefs are the ones that feel separated from other humans based on color, religion, upbringing, social orientation, place of birth, and so on. They focus on what separates us. Fear separates us. And that is really what separates left from right worldwide. The left believes in the basis that we are ONE. And the right believes that we are separate and need to control those that are different and threaten our society as it is out of FEAR. So it is down to the most basic assumption of LOVE vs. FEAR, ONE vs. SEPARATE.

Unfortunately, my galactic friend will not show up until we realize that. And they know it. But imagine if our benevolent “aliens” would come to the earth and tell us that this galaxy is teeming with life, most of it more advanced than us. Maybe then, the haters would feel and realize that we really are just one. One of many. But we know that immediately they will fear the others, the different, and treat them with suspicion, as they always do. So until we do not resolve those issues among us and bring them to the surface and truly deal with them, we will not be able to join the galactic federation and live in a more Star Trek like reality (next generation). But our society is not ready yet, and for now, what we need to do right now is focus on LOVE because that is really the only answer. And at this point and time Love is the resistance. The only thing you have to do is turn on the light, the inner light, don’t let it fade away. It is your power; it is your purpose to LOVE. We must learn to love our selves. As a society and as individuals. Be love.

I wish you a transformative Winter Solstice, a merry Christmas, A happy Hanukah, a joyous Kwanza, and a happy and more vibrant New Year.


Harry Kroner

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