Another conversation with my guides, as I prepare to start teaching this in my upcoming Academy:

“How are self-mastery and ascension different?

Absolutely, you just got a glimpse of that. Self-mastery is about becoming fully aware and mindful about every aspect of the self and how the self interacts with the universe around. It is basically awareness and interaction with self and others.Ascension is the process of advancement from one level to another, a growing and expanding perspective and levels of consciousness that can hold a greater perspective and a higher frequency. As we covered with you before in the “rainbow of selves” (blog post in my website), it is not that higher frequency is better, it is simply that the majority of humanity is ready to move to the next level, as the lessons and growth around the 3rd and 4th level of density are reaching its end.

Another way of perceiving it, is understanding that what you learned in first grade is reaching its completion and it is time to graduate to second grade. Is what you learned in first grade a less important lesson than what you will learn in second grade? Absolutely not, you have learned the basis of reading and math, the most fundamental lessons that all else build upon those important lessons. So is second grade better than first? No necessarily, it is simply the next step in your progression.

Self-mastery is the understanding of self and how to interact with self and others in the most refined way. Ascension is the transition to higher perspective. Why do you teach both? because one cannot happen without the other. People are eager to ascend without mastering themselves. And that is eagerness combined with impatience, which is the result of their lack of self-mastery. Now you understand how this works? Many of the lightworkers, know what is beyond and become frustrated and annoyed that they still must go through the process of self-mastery to reach it. It is like seeing the theme part and knowing that you are too short or too young to go on most rides, it feels unfair. But from the adult perspective we know that you are simply not ready, and it might be unsafe to go when you are not ready to truly enjoy yourself in that ride. You simply need to grow a little more.”

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