This is a new beginning for you, it is high time that you accept that you are shifting beyond what was and embracing what is. You are moving to another plane of existence… The message is clear, we can provide all light workers that are struggling with support and the deeper knowing that they can exit the matrix without needing to belong so deeply to it. There is no need to hold on to what was, simply embrace what is.” Ananta/Harry Kroner

You have read every possible channeling and article, you are doing many exercises and living a spiritual life. But still suffer from those pesky personal doubts, fears, anxieties, and feeling like moving into the fifth dimensional living is just another reading away, another small magical thing that will move you there, and you have been in this state for quite a while now, but it still alludes you.

I know how you feel; I have been in that state for years myself. After long searches and quite a few misdirection, I have finally made it. (Woohoo), I know it, I feel it. But now It is time to stop and face the reality and know that I could not have reached here by myself. Which was the greatest illusion that you are sold out there, that just one more workshop will get you there. Just another self-guided meditation you will be fully activated, and you feel the small incremental shifts, but they simply do not add up to the fundamental shift you desire.

What is missing?

What is missing is the realization that you cannot self-help yourself into the fifth. You need significant help for a significant shift, and the time is now. I could not have done it myself either, maybe I could but it would have taken me several more years, I don’t think we have that luxury anymore. It is time for significant action with clarity. It is time to get the help you need to propel you to the next step, enough with that illusion that you can do it yourself without any help or sporadic help.

What the solution?

Working with me! Your situation is more complex than you realize. There is still trauma from this life and other lives that needs to be cleared, there is much power and potential that needs to be “Re-Membered” and activated. There are so many levels of your higher-self that needs integration into the body. There is a great need for advanced energy work that will strengthen and help you, embody the higher-selves and prepare you for moving more smoothly to higher dimensions. You need to address all of these aspects in order to enable significant movement towards fifth dimensional living.

What is fifth dimensional living? How is it achieved?

Through energy work that prepares you for higher dimensions and through opening your consciousness to your higher-selves and developing a daily relationship with your higher-self. Until you become the we, the we who are one.

In your personal evolution towards ascension and integration of all that you are, there is gateways and dimension openers that enable you to cross with ease. I am the gateway; I am a portal. I am light barer for light workers, let me guide you through the crossing, it is seamless once you are through it.

How does it feel to live fully in the 5th dimension?

You won’t be Jesus like, walking on water, that’s sixth and seventh dimension which I am working on. In fact, I am working on receiving an eighth dimensional energy work with my gifted colleague Ben Guevarra. I am sure you had those experience of glowing and shining your light so bright and beautifully in the oneness of all that is, however those come too few and far between. No worries, you are headed that way.

Fifth dimensional living is free of FEAR. The “veil” is no longer there. Free of the noise and rattling you are seeing around us. All the upheaval simply does not touch you unless you choose to engage in it. It will not rattle you. Other people do not push your old buttons, you are free of those triggers completely. The distance between a creative thought and manifestation is so small life simply become seamless. You have no concerns, worries, or doubts in your purpose and mission on this earth. You are clear about your cosmic and earthly roles. It does not mean you know everything, but you know all you need to know in order to do your role very well. You never feel alone, you feel constantly supported and loved. A level of confidence that is neither excessive, nor detached from reality, you simply know what you can and cannot do, no second guessing or doubting what is.

Let me explain a little more of how it feels to live without fear. It is hard to grasp how it would be because it is hard for us to truly imagine what it would feel like to be truly free of fear. But the reality is quite simpler that you might imagine. It is simply not being concerned about what others will think of you, without fear of being attacked on any level or dimension. It is the acceptance of duality yet not experiencing it the same way ever again. It is full mastery over what I choose at every moment.

I am free of fear of how will I succeed in the world, it is no longer a concern. No longer fear of what will happen to my finances or my family. It is not apathy, on the contrary, I am addressing things that need attendance and I know are important but operate deliberately and completely free of catastrophic negative thinking, doubt, and worry about it. Simply taking right action.

The feeling of vulnerability takes a completely different meaning. You simply allow your full self to be. And you are not shielding and walling yourself because of the fear of getting hurt by others or by self-criticism. And you do not feel lonely anymore.

There are many more positive effects of living on the fifth dimension and beyond. However, in order get there you need the right support, and holding of space to allow this to take place.

I know you are tired of promises or snippets of the good stuff. You have tried many weekend workshops, seminars, and so forth, however you have not tried working in a comprehensive one-on-one program that will help you clear all the deep seated trauma from this life and all others. Freeing yourself from fear, and self-doubt. Freeing yourself from accumulating any more Karma. Letting go of all those stories once and for all. A program that helps you create and maintain your fifth dimensional energy body and beyond. Teaching you how to connect and develop a daily relationship with your higher-selves. Learning how to reach and receive your own guidance and beyond. Delivering you the frequency that you need in order to shift and upgrade your entire body. Learning how to expand your consciousness exponentially to higher and higher levels of understanding. Grasping your greater cosmic role and place. Truly becoming free of all the three dimensional stuff that bogs you down.

It is hard to the right person that will piece together something that will include all of you and consider all of who you are in your quest for the next level of being. Fifth dimension, sixth, seventh, and higher.

My role is of the light barer to light workers. The way shower to way showers. I am here to help you shine brighter.

If you are serious about your personal transformation than join my six month program “Fully Awakening to Fifth Dimensional Living.”

Contact me,

Harry Kroner/Ananta


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