There is much to describe as we enter yet another phase in the process of ascension at this time upon the earth.

In this day as the equinox brings equality to the earth, we must say to you that the sun is shining just as bright as it did yesterday however there is more code inside the rays of the sun. Equality of day and night brings joy to people upon this earth whether they are aware of it or not. No where upon this planet is it the hottest day or coldest day. People are experiencing a pleasant day relative to their own climate. There is equality of experience as everyone upon this earth today experiences and equal day and night no matter whether they are in the northern or southern hemisphere. It does not matter if your days will get shorter or longer, at this moment there is a unifying shared experience of balance.

Allow yourself to experience this balance of divine feminine and divine masculine within you. Experience the balance of emotions of all types. Enjoy the experience of balance within your body between left and right, between the two sides of your brain. Between the shadow self and light self.

As the days are balanced between day and night allow yourself to experience all that is, there is no need to over focus on the shadow within, or the light within. Simply accept and enjoy the balance and contrasts that make the whole you.

The sun is shining its life-giving energy to us regardless, it is only us on this earth at this moment that can truly appreciate the balance, equality, and wholesomeness of human experience.

Harry Kroner

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