How are Self-Mastery and Ascension Different?

Another conversation with my guides, as I prepare to start teaching this in my upcoming Academy: “How are self-mastery and ascension different? Absolutely, you just got a glimpse of that. Self-mastery is about becoming fully aware and mindful about every aspect...

Thriving Curiosity

There is no time like the moment. In fact, there is no time other than the moment. Being in a vibrant state of being is essential to positive movement towards your mission and purpose. Fear, anxiety and anger are great propellants of action however the purest and most...
A Rainbow of Selves

A Rainbow of Selves

The veil is thinning for all. It is becoming easier and easier day by day to become free of the veil completely. I have been in this state of a very thin veil of a very long time, I could just close my eyes and take a deep breath and I was there. However today is the...

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