A new certification program by Harry Kroner.

It is my absolute honor to share with you my craft. I have worked years on developing my healing modalities and you are probably familiar with some of it. Now, I will teach those that are interested in helping the world. If you are drawn to my work and wish to learn how to do it for others please watch this short video presenting this collection of comprehensive training I will offer beginning on Feb. 7th.


if you are interested on asking more details and questions about the program beyond what was presented in the video above please talk to me live in the webinar below. 
Register for the Q&A on Jan. 24th at 12:30pm (EST) here:

The training will begin on Feb. 7th. 
If you have a personal question for me, feel free to contact me in the contact page of this site

Looking forward to connecting on this level.

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