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“I work in a deep and soulful way. Once you experience the richness and depth of the experience of a session, it is easy to understand why people come back for more. It is my philosophy that you experience your breakthroughs personally, and not just be told by someone else what is it you need in your life. You are your own best, purest, and wisest source of information in your life. It is vital to reach those levels in your subconscious and soul, to bring deep understanding, healing and expansion on your journey. My purpose is to facilitate, teach, and open the path for you in the most expansive and enriching way. May your light shine bright.”

About Harry Kroner

Harry Kroner is a catalyst of spiritual awakening and deep personal healing, bringing a unique blend of techniques together that work on all levels of your being. Emerging as a leading expert in spiritual hypnotherapy, soul healing, and deep emotional healing. Helping people experience the higher dimensions of themselves, reaching wisdom, healing, purpose and deeper lessons about this life and other lives. Preparing people to connecting with their higher selves and embodying these higher aspects consciously.

He has a master’s degree in Psychology, and received extensive training in hypnotherapy, past life regression therapy, life coaching, energy healing, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, and more.

Harry Kroner is the author of the book, Freedom from Anxiety, and co-author in the book The Change 3, with Jim Lutes and Jim Britt.

He has helped thousands of individuals reach a happier, balanced, and wiser versions of themselves. Helping many bring peace into their lives in his office Prescott Arizona, and around the world through online sessions. In addition to working with individuals, he conducts workshops, seminars, and retreats.

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