The veil is thinning for all. It is becoming easier and easier day by day to become free of the veil completely. I have been in this state of a very thin veil of a very long time, I could just close my eyes and take a deep breath and I was there. However today is the first day that this veil between me and the greater me (better known as the higher-self) is completely cleared. It was not one thing that I did in order to achieve it but a series of fortunate events that followed sequentially in divine time for me.

I received a QHHT session from a fellow practitioner. I experienced a full moon, lunar eclipse, and more that truly opened me. I have been in the precipice of this point. And then received an energy enhancement by a friend called Angelic Resonance. Although this is a good recipe for feeling fantastic and opening myself further in my progression. It is a greater process that have been happening in the background of my entire life. So it has been a momentous event to wake up today and simply not feel any veil. Simply feel direct connection. Feeling that I am connected to all my 144,000 variations of my soul.

I have been activated several days ago to be able to tune in to each one of my variations of consciousness and being.
In each dimension there is an element of what I used to call the higher self. It is not higher or lower it is simply variations of the self that exist in each dimension. I have received this explanation as I was conversing with my greater self about it yesterday:

You humans are so locked into the concept of higher vibration is better but it is not correct. Otherwise we would have only the one expression of you, which will be the highest, but the sum of all of them together gives a broader and full picture and understanding of all that is. It is like judging a rainbow and saying that the red is so much less than the blue, you do not perceive it that way you actually enjoy seeing all colors at once, that’s what makes a rainbow so magical. So imagine an ongoing 144,000 different variations that all together create the largest rainbow you could imagine. Would you say that one is less than the other?

We are the sum of our soul’s rainbow and the increase in consciousness gives us greater and greater perspectives until we reach the one. And the one is the sum of all of these colors of the rainbow. Taking into consideration the experience of each one of these dimensional experiences in all 144,000 of them.

Another way of perceiving it would be to view yourself throughout your life. There was the baby you, toddler, young child, older child, teen, young adult, mid-life you, mature you, and old you. It has always been YOU, however each time you experience a slightly different variation of the self. Now let’s take it a step further and imagine that you that can review several lives. Growing further in perspective to that you that can review all lives, all variations of you. Growing in greater and greater perspectives.

So allow yourself now to absorb this information and know that you can tap into almost any level within, and you can move – Ascend to reach greater and greater perspective and levels of consciousness within. At some point as I was explained you reach a completion of understanding at a certain level and can move on. Same as we are all now moving on from 3rd to 4th and 5th dimensional level of perspective. At some point we no longer need to repeat and dwell in a certain level as all the understanding and inner rainbow of experiences have been fully known.

We are all moving and experiencing the completion of the process of moving from the third dimensional experience. There is a great amount of shaking off needed, as we need to clear ourselves completely from any remnants of it before continuing on. But don’t judge yourself, don’t let your ego hang on to whether you are moving faster or slower than others, it is not relevant. No one is exactly on your journey so there is no need to compare or consider the third dimension as lesser of an experience. On the contrary, accept it and celebrate all that you have experienced while focusing on the third dimension. Life on earth is a marvel of senses and contrasting experiencing. Without experiencing the third dimension with all its facets, the rainbow would not have been complete.

The illusion of moving upwards is unnecessary. This is why I am not calling it higher-selves anymore, but calling it now greater selves. It is just a greater perspective in a spectrum of variations that makes the self. Celebrate Your-Self with all your colors.

Harry Kroner

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