Awaken to Your Greater Self

Heal and release issues of body, mind, heart, and soul. Discover your purpose and true path. Awaken to your full potential and greater consciousness.

If you’re ready to finally let go of emotional pain, anxiety, trauma, and/or any other negative pattern that is keeping you “stuck,” preventing you from living your most fulfilled existence, you have reached the right place.

It’s Time to Heal, Release and Transcend the Thoughts, Beliefs, and Patterns That Hold You Back, So You Can Awaken to Your Greater, Higher Self.

Discover your purpose and true path, while experiencing the peace that comes with living as your Authentic Self, from greater perspective.

I’ll show you how.


It is no coincidence that you’re here today.

Are you experiencing any (or all) of the following?


  • Feel stuck. No matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to break free from the challenge you’re experiencing, whether it be emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, energetic, or otherwise.
  • Long for true and lasting healing … from past trauma, anxiety/worry, loss, depression, debilitating fear, and more.
  • Desire change. You’re tired of feeling overwhelmed by your emotions. You long for happiness, and inner peace. You know you can become an empowered individual.
  •  Are open. You’re ready to trust new processes, modalities, and techniques if they will truly guide you in healing and moving forward with your life. You understand that living your best life, as your highest self, is a process that requires a profound shift, and you’re willing to do it. You just want to be better
  • Know there is something more life. You know you’re here for a purpose – for something bigger – but you’re not sure what that is. You’re more than ready to discover what’s missing, expand, and grow as you reach greater truth and awareness.
  • Ready – ready to transcend to the clearer, wiser, and better version of yourself.

You are in exactly the right place, at the right time for you.

With the right guidance and support,

you absolutely CAN overcome all that steals your joy,

and embody your bliss and power.


“Very relaxing experience. I was so happy with the first visit that I decided to go for the complete full program. Harry is very compassionate and professional, certainly an enlightened individual with the ability to help others achieve personal and spiritual goals.”

C. Mehigan

I’m Harry Kroner, Catalyst of Deep Healing and Spiritual Awakening. It’s been my soul’s purpose to guide others toward their reconnection with their true, authentic being in order to experience unprecedented levels of deep understanding, healing and expansion of their journey on this plane … thereby doing my part in bringing about a sea of change to humanity. For 18 years, I’ve helped thousands of individuals reach a happier, balanced, and wiser versions of themselves through an array of proven modalities such as spiritual hypnotherapy, past life regression therapy, life coaching, energy healing, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, and more.

Everything is in a constant state of change, including you and me. I am constantly evolving, as should you be. I am not the same person I was even a year ago. In my personal and universal experience as a human, I have learned much and made it my purpose to share with you how I moved through all aspects of life and transcended through each of them, both as an individual experiencer of those methods, and what I have seen work for so many of my clients.

In short, I am not here to tell you what you need in order to experience the life you want.

Rather, I’m here to guide you through breakthrough experiences, achieving them yourself, as YOU are your own best, purest, and wisest source of information for your life.

Through our work together, you will:

  • Clear your emotional “baggage,” once and for all, so it no longer controls your life in conscious OR subconscious ways, allowing yourself to finally experience true joy.
  • Eliminate the negative patterns that keep you stuck, so you can break free from all limitations and live FREE, letting a brand new, beautiful version of yourself shine through.
  • Connect with higher levels of yourself, learning how to trust your intuition as your truest guide.
  • Propel your personal evolution as you step powerfully forward, toward 5th dimensional living, raising your personal frequency and consciousness as you reach a higher place within that is free of fear, free of drama and baggage … seeing all that is with great clarity … FREE of negative, emotional charge.

I can promise you this; you will leave each session we have together feeling better than when you came.


“You will be amazed at what a journey into yourself will reveal.  Don’t be too surprised when you hit your “AHA!” moment, a discovery that what you needed to get over whatever it is that is holding you back – has been inside you all the time!”

R. Vazquez

So if you’re ready … ready to experience life as you are meant to live it, and rise even higher levels in your personal evolution, allow me to be your guide.

Your first step:

Contact me using the form below. You can either submit a question and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible, OR, you can schedule your FREE consultation right now, so we can get started right away.

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“I sought answers to life questions through hypnotherapy, and I happened upon Harry’s practice. Not only was I immediately able to feel some peace with my journey, but I was able to find a path. I have been able to understand in a very direct and thorough way, the path I am on and the meanings of roadblocks. Through quantum healing, I received immediate answers, found my true self, and was able to know without question or concern, the next steps to take. Harry was an excellent guide, he knows his craft and is passionate about it. I recommend him and his practice without any hesitation.”

A. Nichols

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