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Freedom From Anxiety

by Harry Kroner This book is based on author Harry Kroner’s work with hundreds of clients suffering from anxiety, fear, and phobia. Explaining his unique and effective approach to healing anxiety from its core. Treating the person in a more comprehensive way, addressing the body, mind, heart, and soul. It is time to stop treating just the symptoms and heal from the inside out. Gaining clarity of what is the core cause or triggers. Being honest and accepting of yourself. Releasing the old, limiting beliefs. Learning how to really relax—training yourself to go deeper.


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Fully Awakening to Fifth Dimensional Living

Fully Awakening to Fifth Dimensional Living “This is a new beginning for you, it is high time that you accept that you are shifting beyond what was and embracing what is. You are moving to another plane of existence… The message is clear, we can provide all light workers that are struggling with support and the deeper knowing that they can exit the matrix without needing to belong so deeply to it. There is no need to hold on to what was, simply embrace what is.” Ananta/Harry Kroner. read more

Guided Meditations (Audio Downloads)

These meditations have been carefully designed and produced by me. They include a powerful and meaningful script that is designed upon years of experience as a hypnotherapist and meditation instructor. They are recorded with music made by the best in the industry to bring you to deep states of trance. I hope you enjoy them.

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